Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a collection of FAQS by Miss Jordan Quinn that you may find useful

Are your photos real?

Yes. My photos are 100% me. I take pride in keeping my photos as accurate as possible, with minimal editing. My gallery includes both professional photos and selfies for your reference

Your reviews are they scripted?

None are scripted. My reviews have been posted on Adult Forum, ScarletBlue, PunterPlanet and NZ Pleasures. Sometimes a gent will email/text me a review that he wants me to put up on my site as a thank you

How long have you been a sex worker?

Since February 2014

What should I expect?

Expect to be greeted at the door by a tall, brunette, adorned with a lipstick smile and bright eyes. I usually wear heels and a shapely dress, akin to that of a secretary or sexy librarian (or so I’ve been told). Underneath I’ll be wearing beautiful matching lingerie, with garter and stockings to complete the look.

Can I see you today?

Due to my busy schedule, I appreciate appointments that allow 24 hours notice. On the day appointments are rare. Organised clients who pre-book are my favourite!

Do you enjoy your work?

Yes – I love being a sex worker. I love bringing happiness and a smile to peoples faces. I love engaging in conversation, sharing wine and nibbles, really getting to know a person and then getting to know their intimate side, their desires and their kinks.

What do you offer?

Services include the Girlfriend Experience (GFE), Girlfriend Plus Experience (GFE+) and the Works, Dinner Dates and Overnights.

Length of service varies from 30mins, an hour, multiple hours, to overnights and weekend getaways.

See my Services and Rates page for more info

What's your favourite kind of bookings in terms of duration?

90mins-2 hours I think is the sweet spot. Enough time to truly relax, have a drink, chat and giggle and take things at a more fluid pace.
Dinner dates are also perfect! They fulfil my love of food and chatter with plenty of bedroom time too!

Can I extend my booking?

Yes you may. However, if not arranged before our appointment date/time you will be charged the full rate, instead of the package rates for multiple hours. Knowing exactly how long you would like to spend with me before our date allows me to adequately prepare to give you the best of me. – Thank you

Who is the perfect client?

It doesn’t take much to be a perfect client.
It all starts with making contact, simply use your manners and remember I am human. If your initial contact looks something like this you’re on the right track:
“Hi Jordan. My name is X. I would like to see you on X day at X time. I’m interested in X service for X amount of time. Thank you”

I am a virgin, is that ok?

As long as you are 18+ years old, that’s perfectly fine.
I’ve seen many virgins over the years, some who have come back time and time again to build up their confidence. There’s no shame in being a virgin, and what’s more, if you let me know in the booking process I can tailor the booking to suit you and make 100% sure you are comfortable at every step.

I am X race, X age, X weight - will you see me?

It saddens me that people feel they need to disclose their age, race or weight as if it’s a negative. As long as you are respectful towards me then those things won’t matter. I am open to all races, all body types and all ages (18+ only of course)

Do you offer incall or outcall?

Please see my Appointments page for updated information

Can I film or take photos of you as a keepsake?

No. Filming and Photos are strictly not allowed.

You are welcome to join my AVN channel for behind the scenes photos and exclusive content.

Do you offer Anal (Greek)?

Not anymore sorry!

Favourite restaurants or food?

I love Avida (Spanish tapas) in Wellington, Logan Brown in Wellington, Charlie Noble in Wellington, Ebisu (Japanese) in Auckland, Corianders (Indian) in Hamner Springs, King of Snakes (Asian Fusion) in Christchurch and many many more!

I like most foods, except chilli!

I love tapas style or cheese platters, with chilled meats, olives and bread! Yum!

If you’re interested in sharing a platter just let me know, I make a heavenly spread!

Can I bring you a gift?

Gifts are not mandatory, but much appreciated 🙂
Please see my wishlist

Miss Jordan Quinn with her brunette hair draping down her arm, wearing a purple and black bodice.